“Joslin hopes that the DC Transgender Oral History Project can document stories of resilience for trans youth “looking to find their way in the world.” Perhaps it will even inspire other cities and regions to take on similar projects.”

“Cooper Joslin, a local D.C. web developer and multimedia artist, has announced the launch of a D.C. Transgender Oral History Project aimed at recording oral histories of members of the transgender community in the local area.”

“The courage and hard work needed to tell this story are considerable. [Cooper] is to be congratulated for overcoming hardships that would have felled most of us.”

“Joslin hopes that those who do not hold identities examined in the performance — be they cisgender, straight, or able-bodied — will be able to learn about experiences that differ from their own. And, perhaps more personally, they want those who relate to experiences outlined in the show to know that they are seen.”

“Several of Joslin’s friends who also previewed the show have compared it to the work of Hannah Gadsby, one of Joslin’s favorite comedians. Like Gadsby, Joslin curated the show as a way of reclaiming power over past trauma.”

“‘We’re going to see — from all of these different artists — interpretations of what gender means to them, and I just think that’s wonderful,’ Joslin said. ‘I Really hope that it expands on that notion of gender for a lot of people.’”