Packers for Pals

Packers for Pals

What is Packers for Pals?

Packers for Pals is an initiative aimed at improving access to gender-affirming items for transmasculine folks. In short, the program runs like this:

  • I crochet packers (prosthetic penises) and post each finished packer to our Instagram account.
  • Trans folks across the country can claim a packer and submit their shipping info.
  • I ship it to them at no charge to the recipient.

How effective has this program been so far?

Extremely, in my opinion! As of April 2023, we’ve given out over 115 packers to transmasculine people around the world. We’ve shipped to five countries, and gotten some fantastic feedback from recipients of the packers.

At the March for Queer & Trans Youth Autonomy in Washington, D.C. alone, I gave away 42 packers.

How can I support Packers for Pals?

First of all: thank you for your support! This initiative is deeply personal to me, and it’s fantastic to hear you appreciate the importance of improving access and availability of gender-affirming items for trans folks. Here are some ways you can help: